All of our classes are held at Flight Risk Aerials, which is located at 961 Rt. 10 E (Randolph Business Campus) in Randolph NJ. We are on the eastbound side of Rt. 10 on the east end of the complex (to the left when you pull into the complex).

BEFORE CONTACTING US, please skim through our frequently asked questions. 90% of phone calls, emails or texts we receive are already addressed on this page. If your question is not answered on our FAQs page (for example, you would like to book a private party) then feel free to text us at 862.485.1233 or email us at info@poledancerevolution.com! Please text if possible - we are only open when we have classes (Mon-Thurs evenings and Saturdays), so all phone calls go to voicemail when we are closed.

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Finding Us

We are located on the eastbound side of Route 10 in the Randolph Business Campus, in between Canfield Avenue and Dover-Chester Road. If you are heading westbound on Route 10, you can make a u-turn at the light for Canfield Avenue right after passing by our building. There is a left turn lane that you can just make a u-turn from (u-turns are allowed at this particular intersection).

Other businesses in the complex include Exomet (our next-door neighbor), Imperial Copy Products, Chiropractic Ryan, The Hippie Shop and RTSP.