Take fitness to a new level with pole dancing! Lose weight (400-1000 calories per hour!!!), improve body awareness, increase your strength, flexibility and confidence. Tone up your whole body giving beautiful definition to your arms, thighs, abs and shoulders. Release your inner diva, and have fun in our Pole Dance classes! Drop-ins are welcome for all our Randolph NJ Pole Dance Classes - there's no need to sign up or register, try any class anytime! All of our pole dancing classes are $20 for a drop in, $75 for a package of 4 classes or $120 for a package of 8 classes. Pay the instructor when you get to class with cash, credit or a check, or visit our main studio website's register online page to save time and prepay online. We also offer an unlimited monthly classes membership for $150.

Intro To Pole Dance

For first time pole dancers, super beginners and those who want to start getting in shape or just have fun! In our Intro To Pole Dance class students will learn the fundamentals of pole dancing including walks, beginner spins, transitions and basic pole dance moves. No inverts or climbing is taught in this class. Moves are broken down and students are given plenty of time to learn and perfect them.

Attire: Sports bra, tank top or t shirt with shorts or comfortable workout pants. Shorts are not required for Intro To Pole Dance class but are recommended. This class dances barefoot.

Pole Dance Level 1

Pole Dance Level 1: For pole dance beginners and those who want to perfect their moves! Learn all the spins (as seen in Hannah's spins video above). Learn floorwork, transitions, combinations and routines. Learn how to climb the pole, execute pole tricks and do inversions. This class also incorporates strength training and flexibility exercises. Check out the video above in which our instructor demonstrates some of the moves you will learn in class!

Attire: Sports bra, tank top or t shirt. Shorts are required, booty shorts are preferable (you will need your upper inner thigh skin to be exposed). Most students dance barefoot. We recommend you take a couple months of Intro classes (or have taken pole dance at another studio) before joining this class.

Pole Dance Fitness

Only $10 to drop in! Get toned and fit to make those pole moves easier! We'll work out your core, arms and legs while using the pole as our fitness aid. Whether you want to make inverts easier or just want to tone up this class is for you. All fitness levels welcome. Please bring in a resistance band or two and some light weights if you have them (some will be provided if you don't have any).

Vertical Playground: Pole Dance

This class is for intermediate and advanced students only. An interested student MUST speak to the instructor of the class before joining. For those who already know the fundamentals of pole dance. This class focuses on cooperative performances, fusion/cross disciplinary performances, choreography, creating videos, and artistic projects. This class is by invitation only - please contact us or consult with Kim, our pole director, if you are interested in joining!

Power Stretch

Have you ever wanted to get into your split? Have you been able to do the splits when you were younger but find yourself less flexible? Stretching is a vital part of any exercise routine as it gives your muscles the ability to lengthen, to expand and restore after exercise. This class combines passive stretches with assisted stretching to achieve ultimate flexibility, support posture, and gently lengthen and strengthen the body. This class is appropriate for students of all levels. Perfect for aerialists who are looking to be more graceful, or anyone looking to be more flexible.

Twerk & Chair Dance

Not currently offered. Learn to twerk and chair dance in this high energy workout class. If you're looking to burn a lot of calories while learning an impressive skill, this class is for you! Each class includes a warm up which will help improve your core strength and flexibility, followed by a combination of twerking and chair dance moves. You may learn a combination or a routine.* Please note this is not a lap dance class - we use the chair as a prop for the dance routines taught in class.

Aerial Classes

Fly your way to fitness with our Aerial Silk classes! You will learn inversions, poses, combinations, drops, routines and more. Our silks classes are so much fun you won't even realize that you are working out! For more information about the different Aerial classes we offer (we have many classes each week), please visit our aerial silks page on our main studio website @ http://www.flightriskaerials.com/aerial-silks.asp.

Bellydance Classes

Only $15 to drop in! Calling all bellydancers!!! Join our beginner classes anytime if you want to learn the ancient art of bellydancing. These classes are ideal for first timers and beginners, and even more advanced students who want to brush up on basics. Shimmy your way to fitness and drop in this week! Please visit our bellydance website @ http://www.bellydancerevolution.com.